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Hello Everyone, I am announcing the opening of an on-line store to sell an controller board that sits atop a Raspberry Pi for controlling your model railroad empire.  This board has 8 stall motor controllers, 8 open collector outputs and 16 active low inputs.  These boards are stackable and are perfect for running switching yard panels, track occupancy detectors and sequencing LEDs for traffic intersections, etc... Because it's for the Raspberry Pi, the board can be controlled by programs written in Pyton, C++, Java, and more.  It is easily controlled by my application, Breezy4Pi. For more information, please head on over to my store: Pod Bay 3. Cheers!
I have released into the open source domain, Breezy4Pi.  Breezy4Pi is a web based configuration tool and macro sequencer built for the Raspberry Pi.  Breezy4Pi allows you to map hardware to a Raspberry Pi, create events to trigger small programs (macros) and the macros themselves.  You can create sequences that can run traffic semaphore on a model railroad, for example. You can learn more by going to:  Source code is available at:

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